Give Polar Bears Hope

Hello and welcome we are the Give Polar Bears Hope Project, sing, dance, discuss our song (Polar Bears in Beds of Roses) and join students around the world in embracing climate education and changing the habits of today, to slow down the melting ice and prepare the ground for tomorrows trees!

The music and words (download) attract our young planet dwellers and engage them in the necessary change of habits to consume less, reduce plastic and limit global warming. The pilot program in 2022 with the Eco-Schools of Portugal resulted in over 140 schools and 48,000 students participating and sharing their passion for a brighter future. In 2023 we hope to inspire 1000s of classrooms and millions of students around the world to join in sharing their learnings, commitments, videos and inspirations.

Please introduce our project into your classroom and combined with discussion and commitment, share and inspire others to give the planet and polar bears hope.

Tick Tock! ……. It is getting warmer and we all need to unite to save the planet, not just the polar bears, we all need to change our habits…. NOW!

As Edouard likes to express it.

“Teachers are like sacred potters who have been given the magnificent mission of shaping the humans of tomorrow. 

This song inspires a journey to support and celebrate the task.  

The tools/stimulations at their disposal include Mind: language, reflections, study. Body: Dance movements, and gestures. Soul: Composition and expressing their voice. 

As a finale a video offers the new planet ambassadors, who the students have become, a powerful creative experience that allows them to realize they are the creators of their own future.”